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Anchor & Oak Counselling and Consulting

Anchor & Oak
Counselling and Consulting



Working together, individual therapy can support the development of your personal wellness and recovery goals, highlight your personal strengths, capacities and resiliency, and build skills and strategies to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, distressing emotions and life stresses.



Postpartum Support Group

This bi-weekly support group creates a non-judgmental, safe, and supportive space to connect with others, and provides information, helpful tools, and resources. Groups are created to offer the opportunity for support and connection during your transition and adjustment to parenting.

Birth Story Processing Group


This therapeutic group is designed to allow participants to reflect on and process their birthing experience. Story processing can help to create meaning, process thoughts or emotions around the experience and support healing. 

This group will be delivered over 6 weekly 90-minute sessions. 

Please reach out for more information and to register. 


Workshops and Consulting 

Providing information, and resources and facilitating group sessions on various topics for community partners, expecting families, or postpartum parents.   

Topics include:

  • Perinatal Mental Health: Identifying your risks, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment Options for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders;

  • Developing a Postpartum Care Plan 

  • Understanding Birth Trauma and Coping Skills for Healing.


Please contact to register for an upcoming session.

Please contact me if you are a community partner looking for a specific or specialized session regarding perinatal mental health.

Therapy Sessions

My Approach

Pregnancy, birth, and the transition to parenthood can be full of both joy and challenges. Our relationships with those around us and ourselves can shift and change over time. As you navigate this new role, difficult emotions, uncertainty, overwhelm and a change in identity can be part of this journey.

I work alongside you to offer non-judgmental compassionate support in the transition to parenthood, to build skills and strategies to manage mood, anxiety symptoms, and the experience of overwhelm.  We will work to build confidence in this piece of your identity.  

As a person with lived experience with fertility challenges, perinatal loss, and postpartum anxiety, I am empathetic and passionate about shining a light and building awareness of this experience and bringing meaningful services and opportunities for growth and healing during your perinatal and postpartum experiences.

About me

My name is Amy Spencer I am a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) since 2017. I hold a Master of Social Work degree from Carleton University.


My practice in psychotherapy uses evidence-based approaches in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness and Self-compassion.  

Amy Spencer, Registered Social Worker

Getting Help

Reaching out for support can often make us feel vulnerable. Acknowledge the courage and bravery of taking these first steps towards your health and well-being. Seeking therapy with an objective and confidential professional can help on your wellness journey to nurture your emotional health and growth.  



Anxiety & Worry

Low Mood, Mood Fluctuation, and Rumination




Emotion Regulation 

Life Stresses, Challenges, and Relationships

Grief and Loss


Birth & Reproductive Trauma

" It feels hard, because it is hard, not because you are doing it wrong" 
- Dr. Becky Kennedy, @GoodInside, on parenting 

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